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3D-Printer Workshop at the Kruševo High School
Monday, 17 March 2014
3D-printer RepRap Prusa i3 Even though our association GGBS was dissolved five years ago, the contact with out partner town Kruševo still continues.  During the last few years this occurred mainly during holidays or while stopping by on through trips.  But now for the first time since a while this spring we plan to organize once again a concrete project in Kruševo.  The theme of the project is 3D-printing, i.e. printers which, instead of printing text on paper, will fabricate real 3D objects from molten plastic, using the FDM technique ("Fused Deposition Modeling") to build up the object layer by layer.

In the week of April 7 Heinz Spiess will organize a workshop on 3D-printing at the Naum Naumovski BorÄe High School.  With the help of our friends from Nardodna Tehnika we will try to help a group of interested students to build two 3D-printers of the type RepRap Prusa i3. Fanica Nikoloska, the computer science teacher (and since this week also the new director of the school!) was immediately SOU NNB Kruševofascinated by the idea and offered to take charge of the project from the school's side. In order for the project to have a lasting impact, Fanica appointed 4 students from 1st and 2nd year to participate in the project. These students will accompany the project in the coming years and at the end of their 4th year do their final project on this topic.

What makes the RepRap Do-It-Yourself 3D-printers differ from commercial types of 3D-printers is the fact that they are entirely based of open-source and that that almost all parts of the printer (except motors, rods, belts, screws and hotend) are themselves fabricated using 3D-printing - which is ideal for a project like this, as once one RepRap 3D-printer is up and running, it can be used to fabricate any number of further (and improved) RepRap printers.

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